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TOPKHAT is the first in Malaysia that incorporates Arabic Calligraphy with modern and contemporary design.

We design and offer the most stunning Arabic Calligraphy on canvas and to fix these beautiful art pieces onto your walls are very easy. It will instantly revamp your space or house with this inspiring Islamic décor.

More importantly, we deliver only the best quality at great price.

Transform your home, office, or favorite space now with TopKhat.

Why shop with TopKhat?

📷✔ Top quality at great price
We use original Latex Ink & canvas with the most affordable price for Latex quality prints.

📷✔ 100% Original
Every design and calligraphy is made by Topkhat's artists.

📷✔ Biggest selection
More than 300 design collections with variety of ayats and types of calligraphy.

📷✔ 5 year Warranty
We promise that the colour will last up to 5 years. If the colour faded, you can exchange with a new canvas for free.